[python-uk] Turbogears

Doug Winter doug at isotoma.com
Wed Jan 25 08:00:27 CET 2006

Simon Faulkner wrote:
>>Yep, and it's pretty good too.  Why do you ask?
> I often need to write small, simple databases and have friends 'foaming' 
> about RoR.
> If TurboGears can give me pretty much what RoR would but will also allow 
> me to use my (pathetic) Python skills then I will invest some time 
> having a go...

RoR and TG share the explict MVC model as a one-size-fits-all approach 
to web development, which may or may not be a bad thing depending on 
your application I guess.  TG does seem to provide everything you need 
to write a complex web application, and it does provide a huge amount of 
the scaffolding for you.

The design decisions seem to be reasonable ones, and they've taken a 
very pragmatic approach as far as I can tell.  The KID templating 
language is a good one, Cherrypy has so far provided all the features i 
need from the environment, and I am pleasantly surprised by SQLObject. 
I think the great advantage of the explicit MVC model (and I believe RoR 
is basically the same here) is that it's very obvious where things go.

MVC Is used as something of a Golden Hammer in both applications, which 
ultimately will lead to issues I suspect - however compared to current 
"enterprise" offerings (i.e Java) it's very lightly architected.

Performance is acceptable, and with a postgres or mysql back-end you 
should be able to scale horizontally for larger applications, although I 
bet you'll be on the bleeding edge right now if you try that.



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