[python-uk] Kamaelia 0.5.0 Released :-)

Michael ms at cerenity.org
Sun Oct 1 13:42:55 CEST 2006


Since there's the possibility I might be able to make the python meetup in 
London, I'd just like to note here as well that we've just released Kamaelia 

It's majorly enhanced by work by google summer of code students, and also 
marks the point at which we hit overall coverage of the core areas I would 
expect to see in version 1.0 (tcp/udp/multicast servers/clients, bit torrent 
integration, Open GL, Pygame, dirac, audio capture/playback, speex 
encode/decode, comprehensive DVB-T (freeview) support, efficient shell outs, 
zero copy transfer etc, and a proper graphical composition tool - for 
graphlines not just pipelines).

Ryan (one of the SoC students) has written a nice article about this release
on his blog here:

Which also includes pictures :-)

Full release notes here: http://tinyurl.com/nf5gk

Recommended download here: http://tinyurl.com/lfhxq
(includes all the non-kamaelia dependencies)

For those that don't know what Kamaelia is, it's a way of making it trivial
to mix and match between lots of different systems, join them together using
standard interfaces (inboxes/outboxes), and have the entire system naturally
be concurrent, in the same way unix pipelines are, but with much more
flexibility, with a focus on applications useful for delivery of BBC
content, and making it possible for the BBC to work smarter. (The system
is not just limited to that though as you'll see from above!)

Also Kamaelia will be featured in next month's Linux Format, released
later in the month, focussing on our collaborative whiteboarding tool
where whiteboards can be daisy chained together (they're both servers
and clients) allowing you to chat (since it forwards audio as well) and
scribble with colleagues located elsewhere.


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