[python-uk] Job Alert!! Escort Services Needed

Harvey C.Scott harvey_travels at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Oct 19 06:52:43 CEST 2006

Hi there

My name is Scott Harvey, I run a small up-coming travel agency in the UK.  Would you be willing to work as a TRAVEL GUIDE/ ESCORT/ TRANSLATOR  to some of my clients who would be visiting your country on vacation with or without their family.
This request is open to any interested person in any country. Interested persons who already have day-to-day jobs can also apply stating what time of the day/month/year they would be available to work.

Basic requirements for the job would be
- Good knowlege of your country of residence
- Good knowlege of the native language
- Must be a resident of the country
- Must possess valid drivers lincense and ID

Interested persons should please send a resume or an email to harvey_travels at yahoo.co.uk stating 
1. Full Name
2. Full Physical Address
3. Phone number (Functional)
4. Country or residence

For more information, please send email to the above mentioned address.

Thank you
Harvey C. Scott

Harvey Travels
Lakeside Plaza
Walkmill Lane
Cannock, WS11 OXE

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