[python-uk] Graduate of Junior Software Engineer/Developer required

Rakesh Thakrar rakesh.thakrar at microcom-recruitment.com
Wed Sep 13 17:50:30 CEST 2006

Our client based in the South East of England are seeking a Graduate or
Junior Software Engineer to work in a team of highly able programmers,
using technologies such as Python and Linux, and modern Agile
development processes encompassing pair programming, unittests, and
working with stories.

To qualify we expect all members of the software team to have the

A keen analytical mind, with a sound ability to judge when to focus on
the details and when to think laterally. 

Good interpersonal skills. This means being able to work continuously
with other developers and talk sensibly with non-technical staff. 

A strong desire to do things right, and not just to get it done.
Obviously this needs to be tempered by the need to accept the
compromises such as time-constraints that exist within a business. 

Exposure to Linux/UNIX and other OS's, since people who've only worked
in one environment tend to have fixed, unrealistic ideas. 

Exposure to object oriented programming in more than one language. So
long as there is some breadth, previous experience of Python is almost
irrelevant (although a desire to program in Python is essential).

You will have a few years professional experience, but have programmed
computers for many years before that. A degree in science, mathematics,
or computing is beneficial but not essential.


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