[python-uk] Python UK talks announced

Zeth Green theology at gmail.com
Wed Aug 1 16:11:43 CEST 2007

Hello everyone,

The initial list of tutorials and talks are as follows, we'll be
publishing a full talks schedule before the conference. The lists
below do not include lightning talks, keynotes or activities happening
in the 'open space'. The talks are listed in no particular order.


These are the tutorials that will be held:

    * Getting Started with Python, for people new to Python (Jonathan
Fine and John Pinner)
    * Getting Started with Django (Andy McKay)
    * Advanced Django (Simon Willison)
    * The Reportlab PDF Kit, by Andy Robinson
    * Introduction to PyQt4 GUI Programming, by Mark Summerfield
    * Introduction Functional Programming in Python, by David Jones

Places on some of these tutorials will be limited, so soon there'll be
a booking form so you can reserve your place. There is no extra charge
for tutorials. The tutorials will be held within the main days
(September 8/9th 2007).


    * Test Driven Development, Jonathan Hartley
    * Researching Quality Assessment for Free Software, Paul Adams
    * Python in Higher Education, Nick Efford
    * Jackfield, the Web, and Python, Stuart Langridge
    * Using and Developing with Python Eggs, Stephen Pascoe
    * Translate Java into Python, Johnny Stovall
    * IronPython in your Browser with Silverlight, Michael Foord
    * The PyPy Project, Michael Hudson
    * Python is the Future of Build Systems, Russel Winder
    * Python Modules in Bible Research, Michael and Leslie Morrell
    * Parsing Languages with mxTextTools, Marc-André Lemburg
    * Building Systems with Kamaelia, Michael Sparks
    * Kamaelia Core Internals, Michael Sparks
    * Dealing with Tabular Data, Alex Willmer
    * PayThyme - from Project to Product, John Pinner
    * The Great Python, Ruby, Groovy, Java, C, C++, C#, VB Debate, Russel Winder
    * Hacking Democracy, Julian Todd
    * The Bazaar Version Control Project, Michael Hudson
    * A Pythonista's Year at Kew, Julius Welby
    * An Introduction to Twisted, Richard Wall
    * Twisted Performance with Large Apps, Tim Parkin
    * Twisted Movies, Matthew Pontefract
    * Creating GUI Applications with PyQt and Qt Designer, David Boddie
    * Stackless Introduction, Christian Tismer
    * Stackless Internals, Christian Tismer
    * Designing Unicode-aware Applications in Python, Marc-André Lemburg
    * Managing Creativity, Michael Sparks
    * FluidInfo - towards the next everything, Terry Jones
    * The New Age of the Amateur: End-user Computing without Tears, Giles Thomas
    * MathTran - Typesetting TeX with Python, Jonathan Fine
    * Dynamic Web Apps with Ajax and Python, David Chan

For more info see http://pyconuk.org

To book please visit http://pyconuk.org/booking.html

Please note that the early-bird rate is closing imminently.

Best Wishes,

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