[python-uk] PyCamp UK !

Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Sat Feb 3 20:42:11 CET 2007

Hello Michael,

Sorry for the top-post, but your actual suggestion is a long way down. :-)

I would certainly be very interested in attending and helping with such 
an event. It sounds like a great idea.

Unfortunately I'm tied up with writing a book, which will probably take 
me through until May/June. After that I will have more spare time and 
would love to get involved. If you're heading for an August time you'll 
need to do a lot of work before then, but if you set a date beyond that 
then perhaps I can be useful.

Michael Foord

Michael Sparks wrote:
> Hi,
> I don't know how many people here read comp.lang.python or the main python 
> list (I suspect its a fair few), but there's been this post:
>       * http://tinyurl.com/2ofgtq
>   From: Jeff Rush <j... at taupro.com>
>   Subject: About PyCamp - a Regional Python Unconference
>   A week or so ago, the Dallas and Houston Python User Groups met online in a
>   chat room, to discuss the possibility of a regional Python conference. 
>   ...
>   And tossing around some names, we decided upon "PyCamp".  There is much to
>   be discussed re dates, location and how it will operate, so I set up the
>   website:
>       http://pycamp.python.org/
>   ...
>   The rough idea is to hold a Texas-wide unconference, perhaps sometimes in
>   August and near Austin.  There was also the idea of holding a rotating
>   unconference that moves between Dallas, Austin and Houston, say twice a
>   year. 
> Now, I've got an idea for a venue in Manchester[*] which could probably
> cater to about 50-70 people depending on how the rooms are laid out which
> would work out to something like £15 - £20 *without* sponsorship. If we
> can get sponsorship then that figure would go down or could maybe be
> redirected into arranging food or similar ?
>    [*] http://www.manchesterdda.com/article/83/
> As a result, I'm wondering - is anyone else interested in co-convening such a 
> beast? If there is, please email me back!
> Michael.
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