[python-uk] [OT] MU G&S (was: New user group)

Tim Golden mail at timgolden.me.uk
Mon Feb 5 14:57:36 CET 2007

[Michael Sparks]
> I won't be there unfortunately because I'll
> be at a rehearsal - http://www.mugss.org/show/ .

Hey! Hope it goes well. If you look here:


You'll see my name down among the Chorus. It was
sort of accidental, because I'd been the orchestra
for Pirates the year before (http://www.mugss.org/history/1988/
but Orchestra don't get credited) but as orchestra you
don't get the atmosphere, so I went along to rehearsals
and ended up on stage before I realised!

(Slightly strangely, the guy playing Frederic there
also played the same role two years before at my
school, when I was in the orchestra as well).

Good luck with it when it comes; G&S is always fun.


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