[python-uk] Yet Another UK Python Conference

Zeth Green theology at gmail.com
Mon Feb 5 17:35:14 CET 2007

Well I am happy to get involved in whatever is worked out. At least
one successful event would be the way forward, perhaps one year in one
two and one in another.

PS. I love the reportlab toolkit. Excel is dead.

On 05/02/07, Andy Robinson <andy at reportlab.com> wrote:
> I just spoke to John Pinner at Clocksoft on the phone - he's been off
> email for a couple of days and hasn't seen this thread.  He and others
> in the Midlands have been planning a UK event for a long time, and have
> venues lined up at around the same time - September (!). There is a
> meeting of some West Midlands user group on 24 Feb at which it will be
> discussed.
> Apparently he will see Michael Sparks at an event tomorrow so hopefully
> they can figure out how to space these things out.
> My 2p worth is that it would be great to have multiple events dotted
> around the country, especially if we can space them out a bit and none
> are so big that they knacker the organisers.
> John, please ack if/when you get this through the mailing list
> - Andy
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