[python-uk] UK Python Conferences/Unconferences

John Pinner john at clocksoft.com
Wed Feb 21 19:24:12 CET 2007

Hello All,

With the PyUK element of ACCU coming to the end of its run, people who 
attended PyUK may remember that I floated the idea of a more 
community-oriented (ie less formal and much less expensive) conference. 
This seemed to be well-received, and we're now in a position to actually 
do something in the West Midlands, let's call it PyCon UK.

(Thanks Andy for setting up PyUK and running it for so long - I think 
it's done a lot to promote Python in the ACCU-type world, they're a lot 
more open-minded now than before.)

At the same time Michael Sparkes has proposed an unconference, PyCamp 
UK, based in Manchester. I think that we all had some concerns about a 
possible clash.

I met with Michael last week and we agreed that there was no conflict, 
provided that dates don't clash. The proposed events are quite different 
and complementary.

Michael is looking at holding the Manchester event towards the end of 
July, while WmPy is aiming for September. We thought it would be a good 
idea for each group to help the other with the two events.

The UKUUG Linux conference date has been set for 2nd-4th September (in 
Cambridge), running into the Kernel summit 4th-6th September.

So it seems a good time to go for the weekend of 15th-16th September for 
the proposed PyCon UK.

The West Midlands Python Group is having a Technical Meeting this 
Saturday, 24th February and the plan is to hold the first conference 
planning meeting at the end, ie late afternoon.

Details of the meeting are at the WmPy website, http://www.wmpy.eu

The day starts off with a Python tutorial for newish Python people and 
evryone is welcome (but please let us know if you're coming beforehand). 
We're a friendly bunch and don't bite :-)


John Pinner

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