[python-uk] ann: Python at the IET

richard barran pyuk at france-codepostal.fr
Thu Jul 5 12:02:48 CEST 2007

I'd like to turn up tonight, but I haven't registered either :-( Is  
there a 'Plan B' for any python people who get turned away at the door?


On 3/7/07, at 12:11, Michael Grazebrook wrote:

> Technically you do need to pre-register, and it's booked out. But  
> in practice small numbers can always get in without registering, as  
> there are often drop-outs. It is free for non-members. I'm keen to  
> have a small number of Python UK people: to assist with the  
> practcial bit, to spread the word, and with the dream of putting on  
> many more lectures at the IET (but maybe on more advanced topics).
> Anand Kumria wrote:
>> On Mon, 02 Jul 2007 10:34:40 +0100, Tim Golden wrote:
>>> If you're in London around 6.30pm this Thursday evening, July 5th  
>>> 2007, you might want to drop in on The Institution of Engineering  
>>> and Technology [1] on the Embankment near Waterloo Bridge [2] for  
>>> "A Light byte of Python" [3]. Michael Grazebrook, Pete Ryland and  
>>> I are flying the Python flag for the benefit of technologists who  
>>> have not yet had the pleasure. Michael will be using ctypes to  
>>> control a USB-interfaced sensor kit; Pete will be demoing user  
>>> interfaces; I'll be using BeautifulSoup and sqlite3 to populate a  
>>> database from a web page and (time permitting) using csv and  
>>> ReportLab to push it back out again. We're presenting the thing  
>>> as a bring-a-laptop workshop, and it would be great if we had  
>>> experienced Pythoneers along to help afterwards (in addition to  
>>> ourselves). The take-up's been quite high for the event and  
>>> there's tea & coffee beforehand and sandwiches afterwards.
>> Cool! I expect to see you there. Apart from looking for other  
>> people with laptop, do we need to pre- register our attendence or  
>> anything? Cheers, Anand  
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