[python-uk] ann: Python at the IET

Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Sat Jul 7 02:20:26 CEST 2007

Hello Michael,

Thanks to you, Pete and Tim for organising the talk. It was *great* to 
see so many people attend  -  a very pleasant surprise.

I think that for the audience a complete novices introduction might have 
been helpful. Maybe the next ones could be something like :

* A brief introduction to Python syntax (a very basic intro)
* A case study showing off a standard library module or extension module 
for doing something cool
* A case study of Python in a particular industry or a particular 

Three 20 minute sessions as the first one would work well. I promise 
that sometime when I am less snowed under I will volunteer to show off 
IronPython or Silverlight or something...

The workshop style session afterwards didn't seem to happen. I think 
that the problem that Michael tried to set could be a good way of doing 
that. Set a small task and have several 'experts' on hand to help people 
go through it.

Either chairs in the Thompson room - or carrying on afterwards in the 
auditorium (after a ten minute recess) might be a way to help this 
happen but I think people need some degree of organisation.

Michael Foord

Michael Grazebrook wrote:
> Thanks to all who made it. We had a terrific turn-out: overbooked, but 
> fortunately just enough people didn't show to let everyone get in. We 
> were told to plan for 30 but got about 140.
> Tim did a superb presentation which both showcased the language nicely 
> and also was easy for beginners to follow. Pete's graphical programming 
> demo was impressive - the use of introspection to turn doc comments into 
> tool-tip hints was clever, as was the amount he could create for very 
> little code.
> About 3/4 of the audience were novices: we'd aimed it at them, but I 
> think pitched it too high even so, and not enough practical content. 
> Still, it seemed well received (or was everyone just too polite to say?)
> We certainly made our point that there's an interested audience. And I'm 
> optimistic that we'll get more slots to put events on.
> So I'd be grateful for feedback - what do we want out of future events? 
> What can we learn from this one?
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