[python-uk] ann: Python at the IET

Michael Grazebrook mgrazebrook at compuserve.com
Mon Jul 9 10:43:13 CEST 2007

Tim -

Thanks for the kind words and I agree with what you say. In particular, 
I felt a little guilty that all those people brought their lap-tops but 
didn't get to play (though we did get a lot of people to load Python). 
The large numbers do give us an excuse, and nobody SAD they were 
disappointed (on the contrary, feedback was positive). Still ...

I had an idea on that basis - a web discussion group (such as yahoo, 
discusson & ability to post files) - such as
- Invite the lecture attendees but leave it open
- This is a self-help group, though at least one of the speakers is also 
a member
- Our commitment is limited (say two weeks), after which we expect the 
group to help itself
- Write up maybe an exercise each, designed to lead the members through 
to being able to run and broadly understand one example each of us 
This might give me the motivation to set up my demo with the web-cam not 
buzzers, and allow people to provide remote control of the camera, at 
least for the promised fortnight.

Just an idea, and certainly no commitment to do that much work.

Regardless, we ought to post our slides. I'll ask Xen how we do that.

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