[python-uk] Personal selection of Python books for sale to UK developers

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Tue Mar 6 13:31:23 CET 2007


I've moved to ebooks (as I'm laptop driven these days) and am selling some well known and useful Python 
books to those who prefer paper!  These are for UK people only as I'm not interested in shifting them 
worldwide - too much hassle.  I also don't want to use Amazon or eBay as they're rubbish and I like my 
books to go to a good home where they'll get worn out rather than get dusty.

As follows (great books these!):

* O'Reilly - Programming Python - 3rd ed 2006
* O'Reilly - Python Cookbook - 2nd ed 2005
* Manning - wxPython in Action - 1st ed 2006

And some non-python goodness - possibly of use.

* Wrox - Beginning MacOS X programming (Tiger OSX1.4) - 1st ed 2005
* PH - Operating Systems Design and Implementation - Minix 3! - 3rd ed 2006
* O'Reilly - C in a Nutshell - 1st ed 2005 (2006 reprint)
* Morgan Kauffman - 3D game engine design - 1st ed 2001

Condition of all books is excellent - I look after them well!  I'll accept SENSIBLE offers for all of 
these as they cost me a small fortune and will charge postage at Royal Mail's standard first cost.  
Please drop me an email if anyone is interested in any titles.


Chris Smith

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