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Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Thu Mar 15 00:38:37 CET 2007

Hi all,

Yet another London-centric suggestion.  Apologies to the rest of the 

I've been talking to a friend who is discovering the joys of Python, and 
is a committee member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology 
(www.theiet.org)  He believes we could get rooms in their place, which 
is next to the Savoy, to hold evening talks followed by networking over 
a drink or two.  They have a distinguished location with rooms for 
anything from 20 up to 200 and he believes it could cost little or 
nothing to the visitors.

The general idea would be a talk on some Python-related subjects, 
libraries or frameworks, about once a month, which can reach a wider 
network of developers than usually turn up for the pub sessions.  People 
would be encouraged to bring laptops (Wifi available) and try out 
whatever's being talked about, so if they discovered a few useful 
libraries for a task, they could put them to work next day; and 
experience Pythonistas could advise newbies.

A proposal is needed to their committee by end of this month.  So,
- who'd find something like this useful?
- who'd like to give talks, and on what?
- who'd like to hear talks, and on what?
- who'd bring colleagues along?
- any thoughts on format, target audience and so on....

I understand the start would be a few months off.

Best Regards,

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