[python-uk] Python evening talks in London

Richard Lewis richardlewis at fastmail.co.uk
Fri Mar 16 10:23:09 CET 2007

Hello UKPU,

I've been reading this list for ages but rarely (never?) post anything. I'm a 
music postgraduate student at the UEA in Norwich and use Python not only for 
my research (which is in computer models of music representation) but I've 
also done odd web/database jobs for the university using Python.

On Friday 16 March 2007 00:30, Michael Foord wrote:
> Talks, tutorials, discussions and sprints all sound like interesting
> activities. Once a month sounds fine.
I'd certainly be interested in coming along sometimes, though I'd have to be 
quite keen to hear something as its a two hour/20 GBP train journey to 

> How firm do proposals need to be ?
> When do 'we' propose starting (first event) ?
> How far in advance do we need to produce a definite schedule for ?
> How many people do we need on any 'official organisers committee' ?
> Would we need to have individuals to cover practical responsibilities on
> site ? (How many, what responsibilities)
> Does anyone know the answer to these questions ? ;-)
Someone could set up a sort of calendar wiki so that potential speakers can 
post proposed talks (demos, etc.) which can then be confirmed (or moved or 
rejected, etc.) by a small team of organisers/editors. This would benefit 
people coming from a distance as well.

Richard Lewis
JID: ironchicken at jabber.earth.li

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