[python-uk] Python evening talks in London: Ten lines of code

Tim Golden mail at timgolden.me.uk
Mon Mar 19 09:30:18 CET 2007

Michael Grazebrook wrote:
> @Tim
> Nobody has volunteered off-line. I reckon you volunteered! Thanks. I'm going to 
> try to persuade Andy Robinson to do 10 minutes if I can, but he's on holiday 
> this week. 
> The proposal I'm making is so basic (in Python terms) that if the worst came to 
> the worst I could do it myself, despite my inexperience. But that would rather 
> waste the opportunity. I'm comfortable with 3 speakers, max 5 but that's harder 
> to coordinate. My current contract ends on 2nd April so I'll have more 
> flexibility in my time to prepare.
> The concept for this first lecture is several tiny programmes. They don't have 
> to be those I proposed. It had crossed my mind that a potential future speaker 
> might present a 10 line demo and use it as a sales pitch for a later lecture or 
> tutorial.
> Tim, you're absolutely right that WMI isn't what I thought it is. I've only used 
> the TK package (old habits) and want to do better! Would you like to meet up or 
> 'phone?

Suggest a meetup (since we're both in West London).
I've sent you my details off-list. Feel free to text
or email to arrange times etc. Can't do this evening
(19th) or this Thursday, but other than that just
suggest something.


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