[python-uk] [Fwd: FW: [lymc] FW: IET Professional Registration Workshops]

Tim Golden mail at timgolden.me.uk
Fri May 4 10:24:43 CEST 2007

Michael Grazebrook wrote:
> Green light for us giving a Python lecture - 
 > and possibly more - at the IET.

Great news, Mr Grazebrook. I couldn't actually find
any meaningful attachments in your email (despite ploughing
through the 3 levels of nested attachments which Thunderbird
offered me!) so either it was *just* the green light, or
you're going to have to send a separate plain email with
dates / times etc. if they're available.

For those who haven't followed the plot so far, a very
brief summary: Michael Grazebrook, Pete Ryland and I went
to the IET (http://www.theiet.org/) a few weeks back to
suss the place out and talk to their London organizer.

The idea mooted was an introductory Python session there
at one of their evenings (probably in parallel with
something else which would basically pay for the use of
the place). Depending on the take-up for that, there's
scope for possible workshops, more talks etc.

It's a fantastic building, one of those impressive
things along the Embankment, next to Waterloo Bridge,
and has loads of space for event formal and informal.
Don't know yet what kind of arrangement might be made,
but at the very least I'd like to see this as the first
of some more structured London Python meetups maybe with
demos, guest-speakers, etc., firmly allied to the
informal London Python drinkups :)


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