[python-uk] What else is running on my machine?

Tim Golden mail at timgolden.me.uk
Mon Nov 19 16:53:04 CET 2007

[as per other answer: ask on main python list]

Jeremy Nicoll - pyuk wrote:
> Is there a cross-platform of determining what other processes (or in Windows
> terms, other applications) are running?

> Is it possible in a cross-platform way to ask some other application to shut
> down, wait a while, and then test to see if it did shut?

Pretty much "no" to both questions *cross-platform*. But I'm fairly
sure that all platforms offer something specific, and there's nothing
to stop you wrapping that up in a module with conditional imports
or judicious use of the platform module or whatever.

See the various list archives for Windows answers to this, at least.
(Check comp.lang.python & python-win32). Not sure about Linux/OSX
but again c.l.py is a good start.


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