[python-uk] TinyERP -- was: Re: PyCon UK - It's Here!

Michael Sparks ms at cerenity.org
Fri Sep 7 10:53:49 CEST 2007

On Friday 07 September 2007 09:20, Tim Couper wrote:
> ... I'd also be interested in meeting up about TinyERP ..

Sounds like 2 people who want to make use of the Open Space provision on 
Sunday :-)

FWIW, I'm planning on putting up the stuff to do with open space ideally 
(we're still figuring out logistics of making open space sit comfortably side 
by side with a normal conference), but it strikes me a good open space 
candidate. If you're interested in that, please add it to the (physical!) 
schedule when it goes up. 

This will be _after_ the announcement/description of what open space *is*
which I'll hopefully give to everyone at some point on the saturday. (we're
figuring logistics on that at the moment!)


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