[python-uk] The Resolver One Spreadsheet Challenge

Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Thu Dec 18 18:28:36 CET 2008

Hello all,

Resolver One is the Python powered spreadsheet created by Resolver Systems.

Resolver One is a highly programmable spreadsheet program built with 
IronPython. It is capable of creating powerful spreadsheet systems, but 
is easy to program with Python and .NET libraries.

We’re convinced that Resolver One allows people to create astonishing 
things that simply aren’t possible in a traditional spreadsheet 
environment. And we want to prove it. Enter the Resolver One Spreadsheet 


The Resolver One Challenge

We're so confident about the revolutionary potential of Resolver One 
that we've set up the $25,000 Resolver One Challenge. Every month 
between now and May, we will be giving away $2,000 for the best 
spreadsheet we receive. And in late May, we'll be handing over $15,000 
for the best of the best.
Let your imagination run wild

Build a blogging engine directly in Resolver One. Hook Resolver One up 
to existing .NET or Python libraries in unusual ways. Build the game of 
life, or a Mandelbrot viewer directly into the grid. Get Infocom 
adventure games running inside a spreadsheet; or for that matter, have a 
conversation with Eliza. Make a music player that does visualisations in 
the cells.
Or something more businesslike?

Use the sophisticated web integration to pull of stock prices, or 
integrate your spreadsheet with Google Maps. (Perhaps you could build a 
spreadsheet that plots a map, showing in which part of the country stock 
or house prices are rising or falling the most.) Build an election 
predictor (and use a combination of Monte Carlo analysis and the web 
front end to make it really special).

In other words: Resolver One gives you the tools, you just need to use 
your imagination, and your Python and spreadsheet skills!

Resolver One is free to try and for non-commercial and Open Source uses. 
You can download it from:


To get you started with Resolver One we have a new tutorial. It takes 
you through all the major features, with examples to try:


Michael Foord
Software Developer
Resolver Systems


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