[python-uk] Fwd: Scientific Computing meeting on Python

Tony Ibbs tibs at tibsnjoan.co.uk
Sun Feb 10 23:19:17 CET 2008

I was sent the following as a member of the Cambridge and East Anglia  
group, and volunteered to send it on to the main UK mailing list.

Begin forwarded message:

> I am writing as co-organiser of 	a scientific computing group that  
> meets informally in Cambridge on a monthly basis. The topic of our  
> next meeting  is "Python Tools for Software Development" - and  
> thought that there might be an overlap in interest with your  
> Cambridge and East Anglian Python users group (which cropped up in  
> a google search). I was wondering if you could post an invitation  
> to your fellow group members - if it is of any interest to them -  
> they should feel free to attend. The meetings are open and very  
> informal.
> The next Scientific Computing group meeting is on February 21st,  
> Thursday 17:30 in Room MR4 (downstairs) at the Centre for  
> Mathematical Sciences on Wilberforce Road, Cambridge. (directions  
> on the website)
> The meeting provides an informal forum for people interested in  
> different aspects of scientific computing, and all are welcome.  
> Wine and food will be available. More information about the  
> activities of the group can be found on the group website (http:// 
> www.scicomp.org.uk), or on this forum (http://scicomp.collectivex.com)
> Dr. Jim Haseloff
> Department of Plant Sciences
> University of Cambridge
> http://www.plantsci.cam.ac.uk/Haseloff

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