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Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Tue Sep 9 00:04:03 CEST 2008

Hello Everyone,

PyCon UK is almost upon us, and things are progressing well. Below our
some updates and notices from the PyCon UK organisers.

Tell your friends

If you have a blog or website then please do mention that you are coming!


For those of you into the Twitter social networking site, you can stay
up to date with all the conference news by following our account:
PyConUK (also available online at http://twitter.com/pyconuk#side )


By popular demand, this year we have more socials and more planning
has gone into the socials. However, we are needing to tell the
restaurants how many chairs to put out, especially for the Thursday
event since that is almost here. If you have not put your name down
yet and you are thinking you are coming; it would help us a lot to put
your name down now rather than later.

* http://pyconuk.org/community/ThursdaySocial
* http://pyconuk.org/community/FridaySocial


If you are going to the tutorials, you need to check in online using
the details provided. Most of you have already, thankyou all for that.

Take up for the tutorial day has been amazing, and surprisingly people
have spread themselves out quite equally across the different
tutorials, so if you have not yet booked for the tutorial day and want
to, there are still places available on just about all the tutorials.


We could do with a few more volunteers for the session chairs, audio
team and lots of one off tasks:

The audio team does not require any specialist knowledge, and you do
not miss any talks.


* If you haven't emailed in your slides or papers, and you are
planning to, then please email them to pyconuk-talks at python.org
* If you are using a video projector, don't forget to test your
computer beforehand in a break or in the morning.
* Due to the packed multi-track nature of this conference, we are
unusually more ruthless about talks stopping on time. It is not fair
to delegates or other speakers for the conference to fall behind
schedule. This is especially true when the talk is before a
plenary/keynote session, it is not nice for 220 delegates to be
twiddling their thumbs waiting for the last 30 people to come in, or
to have a keynote disrupted by a large group of late comers.
* If your talk is before a break and delegates want to carry on with
questions, do unplug yourself from the projector and move to one side
to give the next speakers a chance to test their laptops.
* Leave some time for the delegates to ask your questions/offer you
questions and don't forget to enjoy the conference yourself! Thankyou
for contributing to PyCon UK 2008.

See you all this weekend!

Best Wishes,
PyCon UK Organisers
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