[python-uk] JOB: Statistical Programmer | LOCATION: London, England, UK

jt jt at camalyn.org
Thu Apr 23 16:36:29 CEST 2009

JOB: Statistical Programmer

I'm working with a business in London that are looking to hire a
permanent programmer with experience of working on either mathematical
or numerical projects. You need to have experience of both scripting (R
would be great but really isn't an issue if you don't have familiarity
with it although you will have to learn it as part of your job) and also
compiled languages (preferably C++).  The more languages you know the
better, but it will not be a show stopper if you have only a few (for
example, good knowledge of just one scripting language and C++ would be
ok). Experience of using MySQL or similar would be preferential too!

Please email me using james at camalyn.org to discuss further.

Thanks, JAMES

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