[python-uk] Django User Group London tonight at The Guardian

gareth rushgrove gareth at morethanseven.net
Thu Dec 3 14:26:25 CET 2009

Hi All

After prompting from Nicholas Tollervey I've finally joined python-uk
and posted something on here about DJUGL, the Django User Group

We're having an event tonight at The Guardian featuring a number of
talks, some specific to Django topics and others more generally about
Python or web technologies. More info:


This is probably more of a reminder for people already signed up at
this point, although we do still have some space if people are at a
loose end and in London tonight. In future I'll be posting
announcements on here as well as on the DJUGL list and twitter account

We're already planning the next event at the start of the year and on
the lookout for speakers if anyone is interested let me know.



Gareth Rushgrove

Web Geek
Member WaSP Education Task Force


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