[python-uk] Sudoku links & dojo ideas

Ben Moran python-uk at benmoran.net
Fri Dec 11 11:20:32 CET 2009

If anyone is interested in the Sudoku solver from last night's dojo, the 
code & links to the original paper can be found at 
.  The slides are at http://www.slideshare.net/bnmoran/l1-sudoku-2657614 .

(If you have been inspired to brush up your linear algebra, a good place 
is Gilbert Strang's MIT course,  

Thinking about ideas for future events, I think it could be fun to do 
some more hands-on coding in small groups.  How about:

- Something like Robocode (maybe using Jython? 
- Playing with the IPython parallel features - 
- Something with Twisted- I'm really keen to learn this. Perhaps we 
could set up a chat server using the demo projects, find some Eliza 
chatbot code & wire it in and stage a networked Turing test...



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