[python-uk] London Pub Night

Dave Kirby dave.x.kirby at gmail.com
Tue Jul 21 11:36:12 CEST 2009

> From: Nicholas Tollervey <ntoll at ntoll.org>
> It was good to meet up last night. One of the topics that often came
> up was "we should make this a more regular event". Jonathan also
> mentioned organising a "Code Dojo" - I'll let him explain what that'd
> involve.
> So, while the iron is hot: how about a time and place for August..?
> Say 7pm, 20th August, starting with a "Code Dojo" / lightning talks
> followed by the pub at the offices of Fry-IT? (Thanks Peter and Marcus
> for volunteering these premises for free):
> 503 Enterprise House
> 1/2 Hatfields
> London SE1 9PG

I would love to take part in a Code Dojo, but unfortunately am away on
holiday that week.  Hopefully they will become a regular event.

One thing we discussed was finding suitable problems for the Dojo.  I
have tracked down the site I was struggling to recall, which enabled
people to post up programming challenges -
http://www.challenge-you.com.  There are lot of challenges there,
ranging from the trivial to the fiendish.  I am sure we can find
something suitable.

There is also http://codingdojo.org/ which has a catalog of exercises
that other groups have used.

Dave Kirby

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