[python-uk] Python events upcoming in the south/southeast

Nicholas Tollervey ntoll at ntoll.org
Fri May 8 16:23:45 CEST 2009

On 8 May 2009, at 15:09, Andy Robinson wrote:

> 2009/5/8 Alec Muffett <alec.muffett at gmail.com>:
>> I am eagerly
>> waiting for a DJUGL or similar event down in my area
> The people who attend these things are probably going to be
> in detox for a while after this week's EuroDjangoCon in Prague -
> I dread to think how much beer went down there....
> In fact if you can catch a flight now, the sprints might still be
> going on ;-)
>     http://euro.djangocon.org/

Prague *was* a lot of fun. Monday night's party especially as every  
table had beer on tap and a leader-board to show which table had drunk  
the most.

Search for #eurodjangocon on Flickr for the shots.

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