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Mon May 18 23:13:41 CEST 2009

Please find below a job vacancy that i have for a client in the South West
(UK).  This is a great opportunity for a 1st or 2nd jobber.

We are currently seeking a Software Engineers to work on technologies such
as Python and Linux, and modern Agile development processes encompassing
pair programming, unittests, and working with stories.

To qualify we expect all members of the software team to have a top tier
university degree and the following:-

A keen analytical mind, with a sound ability to judge when to focus on the
details and when to think laterally. Good interpersonal skills. This means
being able to work continuously with other developers and talk sensibly with
non-technical staff.

A strong desire to do things right, and not just to get it done. Obviously
this needs to be tempered by the need to accept the compromises such as
time-constraints that exist within a business.

Exposure to object oriented programming in more than one language either
through University or commercially. So long as there is some breadth,
previous experience of Python is almost irrelevant (although a desire to
program in Python would be essential).

If you are interested please send me your CV to either
rakesh at e-recruiter.co.uk or reply to this email address.
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