[python-uk] [OT] Extra Ticket to Birmingham from London

Ciarán Mooney general.mooney at googlemail.com
Fri Nov 6 12:13:24 CET 2009


I made a mistake when booking a train ticket from London to
Birmingham, and got it off by one day. I've had to buy another ticket
(cheaper than changing the date on my original). So I now have one
extra ticket for a train to Birmingham.

Ticket details

London Euston to Birmingham University (via New Street)
**Young Persons Rail Card**
Virgin Trains.
Depart 20:23
Arrive 21:26 (New Street)

The seat is reserved and it's standard class.

£5 or nearest offer. (current price for one way is £9.25 from East
Midlands Trains)

If anyone ones it please contact me off list, and we can meet up near
Euston Station and I'll give you the ticket.

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