[python-uk] Dojo mojo...

Nicholas Tollervey ntoll at ntoll.org
Fri Nov 6 22:18:15 CET 2009


Last night's meeting was another good one. Quite a few of us were not  
able to make it (bonfire night, concerts, work etc) but we still had  
plenty of people and I think those of us who made it had a good time.  
We actually got a working Tic-Tac-Toe game with a super intelligent AI  
player ;-). I'll post a link to the code once I've got Peter to git  
push it from his laptop (nudge Peter).

During the Pizza and Beer part at the start of the evening many people  
expressed an interest in expanding the scope of the "Dojo" to also  
include other activities. I think the sentiment was that by mixing the  
type of activity at these evenings (public coding, lightning talks,  
show and tell etc) the meetings would remain interesting and "new". My  
personal impression of people's views was that there is a pent up  
desire for all these sorts of activities to take place in the Python  
community in London.

As a result the following attendees volunteered their services for an  
evening of "show and tell":

Dave - Ipython (an enhanced Python shell)
Carles - OpenOffice and Python
Ben - Solving Sudoku with NumPy
Peter - The Norvig Spell Checker
Me - ???
You - ???
Suggestions for some live programming.

We all agreed that each talk should be time bound - perhaps something  
like the Ignite 20slides/15seconds/5mins rule (http://lesposen.wordpress.com/2009/03/09/ignite/ 
) or perhaps we could agree a time-limit of 10 mins (as with the pair  
programming) followed by 5 mins of questions before the next speaker?

Another point of discussion was the date for the next meeting. In the  
end we agreed to do a straw poll here with the following possible  
days: Tues 1st Dec, Wed 2nd Dec, Thurs 3rd Dec.

Once we get a clear "winner" I (or Bruce - whoever gets there first)  
will put all this up on a new EventWax page.

Fry-IT have agreed to let us use their offices and are prepared to  
provide the pizza/beer again. :-)

As always, comments, suggestions, ideas and good ideas are *most*  

Best wishes,


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