[python-uk] London Meetup

Ciarán Mooney general.mooney at googlemail.com
Mon Oct 12 21:31:34 CEST 2009


> Welcome to London Ciarán!
> Which end of town are you in? I'm in Camden, working in Clerkenwell.

Thanks! I didn't realise there was someone I actually *knew* down
here. I'm in East Dulwich, pretty much as far as I can get from
Camden! However I'm doing my PhD at UCL so I'm only down the road from

>> We're having a dojo next week and there was a DJUGL (Django User Group
>> London) on the 24th. Which should be several python meets a month.

The dojo sounds like quite a cool idea actually!

>> What sort of areas are you interested in - systems, dev, languages,
>> etc. There is a lot going on in a bunch of communities in London.

Python wise it's a means to an end, and an extra string to my bow. I'm
not a CS guy so most of the time it's just to get computers to do
what! It was the first (and only) language I've learnt. However I
usually find the meetings and socials of Python groups to be
entertaining and worthwhile.

Otherwise I'm a Free Software kinda guy (sans beard), involved in the
Hacker space stuff in Birmingham, and hoping to take part in the
London Hack Space too.


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