[python-uk] Google Wave

Holger Duerer hduerer at gmx.net
Sun Oct 18 21:25:29 CEST 2009

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Brunton-Spall <michael at brunton-spall.co.uk> writes:

    Michael> It's certainly worth pointing out that if you have a wave account,
    Michael> then you can do a search for with:public "python" to find some
    Michael> existing python waves, including a django wave.  If you set the public
    Michael> attribute of a wave if becomes findable with the above search, which
    Michael> will help anybody who'se managed to work out how to find public waves
    Michael> (it not being obvious and all!)

Intriguing.  I have always wondered what the wave is good for.

Would anybody have a spare invite then?  To h.duerer at gmail if possible.



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