[python-uk] First April Code Dojo

Nicholas Tollervey ntoll at ntoll.org
Fri Apr 2 15:46:52 CEST 2010

Hi Carles (and anyone else who missed the dojo...)

Last night's dojo was a cracker. 

Lots of interesting conversation over the pizza and beer (thanks Fry-IT): pygame and pyweek, some web-dev, welcoming dojo newbies and sharing some of the April fools we'd seen...

We started the evening with a demonstration of a "floppy" game from the London Dojo team that are taking part in pyweek. I especially enjoyed the four-dimensional wombat that would pop in and out of existence at random points in the game. Everyone was encouraged by myself and Ciarán to attend Europython (again). There was some talk about writing to your MP about DEB (see http://www.openrightsgroup.org/) and the wider scoped ACTA (here's a record of my interaction with my MEPs: http://ntoll.org/article/acting-on-acta).

You are correct Carles in thinking we attempted to write a command parser for the adventure game. We split into four teams and *every* team managed to complete a working parser within the one hour deadline. I don't have all the code yet but will be updating the repos on GitHub once I do. 

A special mention should go to team 3 who decided to build their parsing on bayesian probability with hilarious results. Other highlights included the emergence of a "fortune cookie" AI in team 2's work (who decided to stick with the cmd module) and team 4's obsession with killing random things (ropes, axes, monsters and members of the dojo) only to end up being eaten "in game". 

In the end the dojo decided to "bless" the bayesian approach and Peter B. will give a quick talk at the start of the next dojo so everyone can catch up with where we're at. Dave K. suggested that next time we should add behaviour to objects and the ability to create/define puzzles. Javier "won" the O'Reilly book. :-)

Photos can be found here: http://divvyshot.com/event/VfTUm/

The next dojo will be on May 6th, usual place / time etc... and I'll announce things when I've had time to sort out the page etc...

Remember that Andy is organising a Pyssup in a fortnight or so...

All the best and hopefully see you at the next one,


On 2 Apr 2010, at 12:04, Carles Pina i Estany wrote:

> Hi,
> For the people who (we) couldn't attend yesterday in the code Dojo: how
> it went? What happened? How is the game doing? It has a parser? Where we
> go on next one?
> (ok, I should check git ;-) I'll do...)
> Have a nice long weekend,
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