[python-uk] How to access a class instance created in one module in another module?

meitham meitham at meitham.com
Thu Apr 29 10:26:44 CEST 2010

> I have a query. I have two modules viz. MnSem5Main.py and MnCEMMain.py in
> different folders.
Make the two folders packages so you can import from them, just add an
empty __init__.py file in each folder.
> I have created the below instances in MnSem5Main.py:
> 'app'   ,  'frame'
> Please note that 'app' is created using wx.App and 'frame' using wx.Frame
> builtin classes.
> I want to access these in MnCEMMain.py. How to access these instances?
suppose the folder name where MnSem5Main.py is located called foo
from foo.MnSem5Main import app, frame

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