[python-uk] London Python Roles

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Thu Dec 16 12:34:54 CET 2010

I used to be the original list moderator.  Many years back, I think we
agreed that recruiters in moderation were OK, and I accept that some
firms have reasons not to advertise directly.

I have always felt that if people wanted to discuss technical stuff,
they would tend to use comp.lang.python, StackOverflow or whatever to
get the widest input.  A UK list is pretty much here for meetups,
local (including City) news and jobs, and maybe chitchat about 'who is
using what'.

The only possible worry might be that a Python employer might want to
stop his employees seeing ads for other Python jobs nearby.  On the
other hand, if you're that paranoid or your developers are too dumb to
find the Python Job Board, you're probably doomed anyway ;-)

I would suggest that if any future recruiter were to start 'trawling
for CVs' or overposting (and nothing I have seen here has worried me
on that front), people reply with a '-1'; and if we get more than half
a dozen the moderators can contact that recruiter and ask them nicely
to stop, then ban if they persist.

Andy Robinson

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