[python-uk] OT: Looking for an iPhone dev

Simon Brunning simon at brunningonline.net
Mon Dec 20 09:05:35 CET 2010

On 20 December 2010 01:19, Patrick Dempster <paddy at paddy-dempster.org.uk> wrote:
> Perhaps its time for the list admin's, start blocking those who post these
> "job" adverts? python jobs I can sort of understand but this is getting
> silly.

I OKed the Python job post recently, 'cos it looked Python related to
my cursory eye. I didn't really feel there was any consensus as to
whether that's what people want.

The iPhone thing was clearly off topic, but never came up for
moderation since it came from a list member.

Don't urge me to be too severe; posts with inappropriate apostrophes
would be the first to go. ;-)

Simon B.

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