[python-uk] Tell us what you did with python this year

greg nwosu gregsdev at gmail.com
Wed Dec 22 13:43:14 CET 2010

I have had a number of python projects,

my happiest one was one that scraped government websites for jobs and then
applied for those with semi fitting criteria. I was unemployed at the time
with unemployment insurance but my insurers wanted proof that I'd been
24 hours hacking and 1 cron job later , I had a script that scraped a
government website for jobs,  applied for jobs via email , saved applied for
jobs in a Django database (so I couldnt apply twice) and sent a monthly
report to my insurer.
Bingo, paid holiday for a year.
Created a couple of Django simple Django websites.
Built a python robot for Google wave, that did the background research for
finding references (http://vimeo.com/5772930) for the document you are
collaboratively typing , only that my robot did legal research
screen scraper robot to spam gumtree with my girlfriends flat that she was
trying to advertise, turned out to be 8 times as good as the estate agents
she was paying

currently playing a bit with NLTK, Twisted

and using mechanize to scrape facebook for nefarious reasons, im getting
into functional programming recently have the ephinany that if I want to
write a functional screen scraper I must view the mechanize.Browser as data!
future plans are to use twisted and/or google app engine to massively
parallelize my scraper

Also got involved with planning the python dojos , but so far have been a no
show to every single one *cringe*

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