[python-uk] Eclipse + Pydev?

Aaron Watkins aaron.j.watkins at gmail.com
Sat Mar 20 12:44:55 CET 2010

I also use this on a daily basis and am totally happy with it.

I have to say, for it to be useful, you absolutely need to have PyDev
Extensions installed. This used to be separate (paid-for) product, but is
now rolled into the main PyDev product.

The only complaint I have is that the IDE as a whole is a bit of a memory
hog. I've found this to get much worse since I turned on redirection of the
pylint output directly into the Eclipse console.

Aaron Watkins

On Thu, Mar 18, 2010 at 12:44 PM, Alex Anderson <alex_integra at hotmail.com>wrote:

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> > Subject: Re: [python-uk] Eclipse + Pydev?
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> > On 17 March 2010 18:16, David Craddock
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> > > Without wanting to start an editor discussion or, more often as they
> are
> > > called, arguments - I would like to find out what people think of the
> > > Eclipse + Pydev combination for python development.
> > > I'm keen to try this, but how does it work for you? If you use it, does
> it
> > > work well for you? Any complaints? Best features of this setup?
> >
> > I tried it a few times, but found it a bit overkill so went back to
> > emacs. That however was some years ago now, so I would be interested
> > to hear how you get on.
> I use this combination on a daily basis. I find the syntax highlighting is
> good, including the spellcheck inside string literals (I'm a clumsy typer
> with sausage fingers. Spell checking is good) The "undefined identifier" and
> "unused identifier" highlights in the newer version are good, as well. And
> the code completion is, so far, the best I've seen for Python.
> And I find the pylint integration a bonus for unit testing/test driven
> development as I can run a suite of unit tests from a single keystroke.
> A
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