[python-uk] PyCon co-presenter sought for OpenGL talk

Jonathan Hartley tartley at tartley.com
Fri Oct 29 11:02:28 CEST 2010

Hey folks,

I'm searching for a co-presenter for a talk I've proposed at PyCon 
(Atlanta 2011).

The title is 'Algorithmically Generated OpenGL Geometry', and it's 
currently envisioned as an improved version of a talk I already gave at 
EuroPython under the title 'Hobbyist OpenGL : Flying High'
(blogged with screenshots here: http://tartley.com/?p=1207)

The talk presents a simple and Pythonic way to model 3D polyhedra, shows 
how to convert those into the arrays that OpenGL expects, and then plays 
around with a bunch with algorithms that act on the polyhedra class, to 
generate fun & interesting virtual sculptures.

I'd like a co-presenter simply because I think it would be more fun to 
prepare and present with someone else than by myself, plus of course the 
talk will benefit from the imagination of two people being applied to it.

People I asked to date are either too busy or shy or can't attend, so I 
thought I'd try this more scattershot approach. If you have any interest 
(even if you have reservations, e.g. would like to work on it, but are 
too shy to present, or would like to present, but don't have much time 
to help prepare), then let me know.


Jonathan Hartley      Made of meat.      http://tartley.com
tartley at tartley.com   +44 7737 062 225   twitter/skype: tartley

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