[python-uk] Announcing the March London Python Code Dojo

Nicholas Tollervey ntoll at ntoll.org
Tue Feb 22 13:00:08 CET 2011


It's taking place next Thursday, 3rd March 2011.

Sign up here:


Recently tickets have been selling like hot-cakes. If you *do* sign up
and realise you can't make it after all *please* let me know since we've
had a waiting list for the past two dojos.

This time we’re aiming to continue with our quest to build a top-down
dungeon / world in PyGame. Daniel Pope has volunteered to present an
overview of some of the games he’s written and explain some of the good
practices one might want to make use of when designing and building a
game. No prior knowledge of PyGame or a coding dojo is required to
attend this event – just an open and enthusiastic attitude! :-)

Pizza and beer start at 6:30pm and coding will start at 7:30. We aim to
finish 9:30 - 10ish.

It's at the usual location (Fry-IT address at the bottom) and we'll be
giving away yet another O'Reilly book too!

See you there!


Address: Fry-IT Limited
503 Enterprise House
1/2 Hatfields
London SE1 9PG

0207 0968800


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