[python-uk] Next Cambridge & East Anglia Meeting: Tue 1st Mar

Tony Ibbs tibs at tibsnjoan.co.uk
Sun Feb 27 20:45:14 CET 2011

As (rather apologetically) posted to the CamPUG google group:

Aagh, I thought I'd done this post, but apparently not.

The next meeting will be a talks meeting, 7.30pm at RealVNC (http://tinyurl.com/realvncoffices). 

I've said I'll do something on SOAP in Python (quite likely to be demonstration based, given preparation time! - but that should work for this topic), and Bryan hopes he'll be able to do something, although again more likely to be demonstration/lightning based.

Of course, anyone else is welcome as well.

On the other hand, if you're going to be going to the Richard Stallman talk, instead of us, please do let the group know.

Meetings after that should be: 

* Tuesday 5th April, a dojo meeting
* Tuesday 3rd May, another talks meeting 
* Tuesday 7th June, a dojo meeting again


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