[python-uk] Library for (undirected) graphs in Python?

Rory McCann ebelular at gmail.com
Wed Jan 26 23:54:34 CET 2011

On 24 January 2011 19:27, Sebastian Komianos <sebkom at nerdvana.gr> wrote:
> Now, maybe the solution is to use Python 2.6 instead. Before starting
> working on my project I knew nothing about Python, which is one of the
> reasons I chose it over, say, Java, and thought that the 3rd version is the
> way to go. Is it not?

I'd suggest just going with Python 2.x. Python underwent some big
changes to Python 3. So in future that'll be the main one. But as you
found out, some libraries don't work with it. However there are loads
of people (like me) still using python 2.x in real life production

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