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Menno Smits menno at freshfoo.com
Tue Jun 21 21:27:06 CEST 2011

Ack! Sorry everyone, I blame jet-lag. Everyone except Jonathan, feel
free to ignore!

On 21/06/11 20:15, Menno Smits wrote:
> Hey JB,
> I've been meaning to ask you how it's going at Rangespan. You sound
> pretty psyched about the job which is fantastic. What kind of stuff have
> you been working on so far? Is the working style quite different from
> Resolver? (do you do TDD, pair-programming etc?)
> We just got back yesterday from California. Susanna had a conference to
> go to at Stanford but we also spent some time in San Fran, Yosemite and
> Napa Valley. It was a pretty fast paced trip, especially with Amelia
> (shattered now), but it was a lot of fun. Yosemite was the highlight for
> me - it's just stunning.
> Hopefully see you soon... M
> ps. Christian and one of the other guys from work are in Florence at
> Europython - somewhat jealous :(
> On 21/06/11 19:26, Jonathan wrote:
>> Hey folks,
>> We seemed to decide the list is happy with a few appropriate job posts.
>> My new employer is hiring, and I'm excited about working here, so I
>> thought I'd share this with the list:
>> Rangespan is a six month old Python-oriented startup, currently around
>> ten people, based in Paddington Station, London.
>> In my first two weeks here I've been impressed by the high standards of
>> quality and the company's vaulting ambition. We provide high-scale
>> e-commerce technology to create a revolutionary marketplace between
>> major online retailers, and a vast network of suppliers, transacting
>> across millions of products daily. Development has progressed enough to
>> start deploying and demonstrating the reality of this vision, but is
>> still early enough that all of us have a substantial effect on the
>> future of the company.
>> We're looking for developers at a variety of levels, with strong
>> computer science backgrounds, and either stellar academic record or
>> proven industry experience. We'd like to see the sort of high profile
>> that comes with expertise and a pro-active attitude: Python core
>> contributors, conference speakers, open source contributors & project
>> leaders, thoughtful agile evangelists, and scalability experts. We'll
>> need a data scientist, too.
>> The sort of experience we're looking for includes:
>>     * Highly fluent in Python, experienced with Django, Amazon Web
>>       Services, MySQL and MongoDB.
>>     * Ability to contribute to an Agile environment, introducing new
>>       practices, refining our process, being strong on testing and TDD.
>>     * Expertise in architecting, coding & deploying RESTful web services
>>       & web applications.
>>     * Automated deployments to EC2.
>>     * Provisioning new hardware and debugging live code.
>>     * Ability to attract additional world-class software developers.
>>     * BS, MS or PhD degree in Computer Science or equivalent field.
>> The founders are ex-Amazon executives and engineers, and bring a wealth
>> of commercial and operational expertise. While the atmosphere is
>> informal and affable, the technical team is intimidatingly proficient.
>> We don't use recruiters, because they don't match up to the quality of
>> candidates we insist upon. To quote one of our founders "It's critical
>> to the success of our business to create the highest quality engineering
>> team possible."
>> Sorry I can't be specific about salary but it would vary widely
>> depending on the applicant's experience. Suffice to say my personal
>> offer was highly competitive for any industry outside of the city banks,
>> plus for senior roles there would be equity involved, which I judged to
>> be really attractive.
>> I'm happy to answer casual questions personally, or take receipt of
>> applications. Our formal job postings information is here:
>> http://rangespan.com/jobs/ but in practice I think we'd be a little
>> flexible about roles for the right applicant.
>> Best regards,
>>     Jonathan
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