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Giles Thomas giles.thomas at resolversystems.com
Tue May 17 20:16:13 CEST 2011

On 17/05/2011 16:20, David Walker wrote:
> I seem to remember that nearly everyone was pretty happy with 
> well-targeted, well-explained UK Python jobs, but then most people 
> were pretty un-happy with agents spamming the list with vague adverts 
> with the slightest reference to Python in them and drawing the line is 
> difficult.

Ah, right -- that rings a bell, sounds sensible.  So Sally's email was 
actually fine, even if she sent it here accidentally.

> Go on Giles, tell us about your job!

Heh, am I that transparent?  ;-)

So: Resolver are hiring, we're looking for a junior/mid-level developer 
to work mostly on PythonAnywhere, our new online Python IDE/console 
environment (<http://pythonanywhere.com>).  The role's in London, near 
Farringdon tube.

Everyone works on every bit of the system, and we do XP/pair 
programming, so training/ramping up is generally very fast, and there's 
loads of knowledge transfer all the time.  The stack is 
Linux/Python/Django/Apache/Tornado/JavaScript, with most of the fun 
stuff happening in Python but some interesting JS too.  We're using git 
for the VCS and Selenium (driven by Python) for functional testing, 
which we do a lot of.  Deployment uses Fabric and Boto to drive Amazon 
EC2.  No prior knowledge of any of the toolchain is required, though: we 
find that people pick it up pretty quickly (thanks to the pair programming).

We're currently seeking another round of angel funding, and it's looking 
positive, but if you need a role with total stability/safety then it's 
probably not for you.  OTOH we are offering a share options package, so 
there's a good upside potential.

Some more details here: <http://www.resolversystems.com/about/jobs.php>

Drop me a line off-list if you're interested!



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