[python-uk] Next London Python Code Dojo - Thursday 2nd June 6:30pm.

Nicholas Tollervey ntoll at ntoll.org
Mon May 23 13:20:46 CEST 2011

Hi Folks,

This is just the monthly announcement of details for the next London
Python Code Dojo. Details and sign-up here:


In this dojo we’re not going to do the usual practical work. Instead
we’ve organised 5 speakers to give talks of varying lengths. We’re
calling this “Wormcon” – it’s just like Pycon but smaller.

Here’s details of the talks (in no particular order):

      * John Chandler – how I used Python and the DOT graphing DSL to
        visualise a nasty legacy PHP codebase.
      * Michael Foord – Recent work on mock/unittest. Michael can’t make
        Europython so this talk will be based upon the material he would
        have presented in Florence.
      * Dr Tim Couper – a lightning talk on Strengthsfinder.
      * Robert Rees – a description of a real world project that uses a
        Python wrapper sitting on top of Neo4J.
      * Guy Burton – the Airplay SDK, and a description of early stage
        work on creating a Python wrapper (so people can get Python
        projects running on mobile devices).

The speakers understand that this is a dojo – so people will want to
code along, ask questions, point out problems and generally interact
with the speaker during their presentations. Think of it more in the
style of a seminar rather than lecture.

Pizza and beer start at 6:30pm and talks will start at 7-7:30ish. We aim
to finish 10ish.

Free pizza and beer will be provided. (Thanks Fry-IT)

All the best,


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