[python-uk] West Yorkshire Python Group meeting in Leeds - Thursday from 6:30

Peter Russell qwertyface at gmail.com
Wed Oct 12 14:02:10 CEST 2011

 West Yorkshire Python User Group Meeting - Thurs. 13 Oct.

About the meeting

We'll be arriving at Old Broadcasting House from about 6:30 onwards
for vaguely Python related chat.  At 7:30 will be two talks, which are
expected to last for about an hour.  After that we will head to a pub
for more geeky chat.  It is likely we will try to go to the North bar
to join the Ubuntu release party which is being held there.

The meetings are always good fun, and everyone of any level of
experience or interest in Python is extremely welcome.  Bring a friend!

Talk: "Testing in Python" - Peter Russell

Automated testing is now an important discipline in software
development.  In this talk Peter will be presenting some of his views
on how to test code written in Python, the virtues (or otherwise) of
test driven development as a methodology, and some of the tools
available for testing.

Experience Level:
    A basic level of Python knowledge would be helpful.

Of Interest to:
    This talk will not be a "how to test" tutorial, rather a personal
    perspective on testing.  As such it should be of interest to
    people who are experienced in unit, functional and integration
    testing as well as people who are new to automated testing.

Talk: "Using the SciPy toolset for interactive analysis" - Tony Simpson

Tony will be talking about his use of IPython, SciPy and MatplotLib
for interactive analysis of logfiles.

These tools have been developed in the scientific community for
analysing data and running computational simulations. It will be
interesting to see how they can be applied to a different domain.

Experience Level:
    This talk should be suitable for everyone.

Of Interest To:
    This talk will be of particular interest to people who are
    interested in analysis and people who are interested in real world
    applications of Python.

Date and Time
Thursday 13 October.  From 6:30pm, talk at 7:30.  Pub afterwards.


| Old Broadcasting House
| 148 Woodhouse Lane
| Leeds
| LS2 9EN

We will be holding the talks in the boardroom at the back of the
ground floor of the building.  If you arrive after 7:30 we may not
hear the doorbell, so please phone Peter on 07763 570 860.

About the Group

The West Yorkshire Python User Group (WYPy) have been meeting monthly
since 2007.  Our meetings are free, and usually include at least one
talk, as well as a trip to the pub.

Our website is at http://wypy.org.uk .  We discuss our meetings on the
Python Yorkshire and Humberside Google Group
http://groups.google.com/group/python-yorks-humber/ and you can also
follow us on Twitter at @WYPython.

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