[python-uk] Details about U-Dox Django job opportunity

Tom Viner tom.viner at u-dox.com
Mon Sep 19 19:35:02 CEST 2011

Hey all,

At the London python dojo (and also at the the annual London web boat 
there were a few people asking me for details of our job position at U-Dox.

We're looking for a mid level web developer to work on exciting Django 
projects like http://www.vans.com/ and http://www.crookedtongues.com/


* A couple of years of development experience with a web framework such 
as Django, Ruby on Rails etc.
* Comfortable with Model View Controller pattern.
* Have basic skills across the client-side: you'll need to know 
javascript and your padding from your margin. We use jQuery.
* Experience with Linux and Apache very useful.
* Working knowledge of source control. We use git.
* Happy to learn new skills on the job and occasionally switch languages 
to do a bit of PHP or Ruby as required.

Ideally you've got a github or similar for us to peruse (or some offline 
code you can show us) or else a very lengthy and detailed technical blog.

We're a creative agency with a heavy focus on digital. We are very much 
a LAMP shop. With the P standing for Python.

If that sounds good, do drop me an email.

Meet us, I'll be at PyConUK this weekend!

Tom Viner

Senior Developer - http://www.u-dox.com/

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