[python-uk] Come work with us on world class django websites

Tom Viner tom.viner at u-dox.com
Tue Sep 13 20:46:07 CEST 2011

Hey all,

In short, we're looking for a new django developer, someone with a 
couple of years of web development experience with a web framework such 
as Django, Ruby on Rails etc. We build the bulk of our projects on the 
Django platform so you need to be comfortable with how web-apps are 
built within the MVC pattern.

We're a creative agency with a heavy focus on digital. We build software 
to fit our clients needs - be it e-commerce, marketing or a hefty amount 
of data migration onto new platforms.

You need to be ok with object orientated programming - much of our code 
is written to be generic from the outset and this relies on inheritance 
and code reuse throughout. We push some of our code to github so you’ll 
be part of a team that is getting to release for others as well as 
working on high profile flagship sites such as those for Vans and 

You'll be part of a small, growing team with backend and frontend 
developers, and you'll be required to have basic skills across the 
client-side stuff too. You'll need to know javascript and your padding 
from your margin.

It’s essential that you are familiar with the use of source control - if 
it's not in the repo it doesn't exist as far as the build is concerned.

Our servers are typically Linux based, experience with that is useful to 
have but we’ll get you up to speed on what you’ll need. We are very much 
a LAMP shop. With the P standing for Python.

It's also not unknown for us to have to work with an existing library of 
code so you might be doing PHP or some AS3 based Flash at times - 
switching languages shouldn't scare you. You should be familiar with at 
least one form of source control and use it for your own projects.

You should be keen to go and learn new things on your own - if for 
example a plugin you use breaks you should either be able to fix it 
yourself, know how to get around the issue or be able to work with an 
alternative without impacting the project negatively.

Ideally you've got a github or similar for us to peruse or else a very 
lengthy and detailed technical blog.

If that sounds good, do drop me an email.


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