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Jonathan Hartley tartley at tartley.com
Mon Dec 10 18:49:10 CET 2012

Can I suggest we move this discussion to python-uk, so it will be seen 
by those who will actually be affected? I have accordingly cross-posted, 
my apologies. Perhaps subsequent replies could remove 'pyconuk' from the 

For those new to the fray, the topic is the creation of the new 
python-uk Google+ "community" page, and whether it is a good thing, or 
might fragment the python-uk mailing list community.

My actual comment is inline below.


On 10/12/2012 17:15, Nicholas H.Tollervey wrote:
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> Hi,
> On 10/12/12 15:10, Martin P. Hellwig wrote:
>> Hi Tim/All,
>> My intention is to have a point of presence for the uk python
>> community outside of organizing the UK PyCon. As you have pointed
>> out that outside of conference organization, there is not much of
>> UK python going on. By creating the community page I hope that we
>> can keep this list more pure towards UK PyCon's and move the
>> 'noise' (as far as there was any) towards the community page. Of
>> course I will try to bridge anything interesting from the list
>> towards the community page, but the community page is just that and
>> the mailing list for the pycon uk is also just that :-) I find
>> using google+ communities rather easy and perhaps it for others
>> less of a hurdle too. I hope that  we can create a better
>> representation of the UK Python Developers via this.
>> As alwyas I am open for any suggestions.
> The python-uk mailing list serves us well. The suggestion of a G+
> locations feels like a bad idea since it's duplication of something
> that already does a fine job and causes fragmentation.
> While not the world's most active list, there are at least three user
> groups (London Python Dojo, Campug and Reading Dojo) who post every
> month with traffic from elsewhere (Sheffield???) and the odd job
> announcement.
> Obviously, *this* (pyconuk) list only ever gets active around, er,
> PyconUK.
> If you want something more immediate and real-time there's also the
> python-uk channel on freenode IRC.
> N.

While I understand the many objections due to fragmentation and 
accessibility (and it's just the sort of curmudgeonly viewpoint I might 
normally espouse myself) they ought to be balanced against the empirical 
observation that traffic to the python-uk list is very light, while 
Martin and other's posts to the new G+ 'community' in the last few days 
seem to substantially outweigh it.

This might just be because the G+ community is novel and is seeing 
sign-up traffic that will quickly ebb, or maybe it's because it's hip 
and accessible to a more thrilling and vibrant crowd. Regardless, I 
think it's showing promising signs of life, and while I might personally 
prefer the safe and familiar environment of the monospaced mailing list, 
I have to grant that the content is ultimately the point, not the 
medium. Martin might just have started something wonderful, and I think 
should be encouraged to nurture it, and see what transpires.



>> Cheers,
>> Martin
>> On 10 December 2012 14:50, Tim Golden <mail at timgolden.me.uk
>> <mailto:mail at timgolden.me.uk>> wrote:
>> On 10/12/2012 14:32, Martin P. Hellwig wrote:
>>> Hi All,
>>> I now that I have been absent for a number of years on this list,
>>> but now after changing jobs (well I am in the middle of it
>>> again),
>> changing
>>> homes and being a daddy (still am) I have come to a point where I
>>> can get more actively involved again.
>>> Since google lately communities introduced , I have started the
>>> Python-UK one, however I hope that I can involve some members on
>>> this list too, especially in the event of conflicts of
>>> moderation.
>>> I know that some members do not think too highly about the
>>> omnipresent of google, however I do think it is nicely
>>> implemented and can
>> give good
>>> reach out to the community.
>> I am... ambivalent on the subject of Google Plus. Could you,
>> perhaps, outline what you think it brings to the party? The
>> immediately obvious downside is that it becomes yet another place
>> to keep track of if you want to know what's going on. (Not that an
>> awful lot does go on the Python UK community :) ).
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