[python-uk] hexagonal Django

Chris Withers chris at python.org
Mon Dec 10 19:50:36 CET 2012

On 05/12/2012 14:13, Jonathan Hartley wrote:
>> I guess you still need to provide an abstraction for these features,
>> even if only one backend supports the abstraction.
> What I'm reading suggests that if, for example, your app needs to use a
> text indexing service, then that's an external system and your
> application core should define an API which it will use to talk to it.

Isn't this just the API provided by whatever python library you choose 
to use?

> So you still get to use features like this, but you are obliged to put
> an API layer (and possible inversion of control) between them, rather
> than making the call directly from within your business logic.

What's the actual benefit of this other than an additional layer of 
complexity and one more call in the stack?

> Similarly, if your business logic needs a small number of particular
> relational-type queries, then perhaps those queries should be the API
> defined by your core for talking to persistence.

This would appear to kill the ad hoc querying that makes relational 
databases so powerful. sqlalchemy is about as much of an abstraction as 
I'd ever want...

> If your app needs many
> such queries, or general-purpose relational querying support, then
> perhaps you can create an API which supports general purpose querying
> such as the 'repository' pattern.

Again, what's the actual benefit of this other than the theoretical 
ability to switch implementations, which you'll likely never use?


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